Tuesday, December 24, 2013

new york humanity

When I lived in New York, I was a constant observer. What I saw ended up in my stories, or very likely, on my cell phone. Please forgive the poor quality -these are from 2005-2006. They are things that made me happy and looking at the pictures, make me happy today.

SO, on this MERRY holiday, here are some lovely little tidbits of humanity.
subway music!

I know, this screams white Wall Street bankers who basically caused our economic collapse,
but the old-schoolness of their style delights me
inadvertent art in Bryant Park

just love this.
just sitting and reading outside the Bryant Park subway stop

NYPD getting some well-deserved ice cream
a man and a hello kitty backpack at the Garden of Eden grocery store

on the subway

I think this was in Brooklyn

big dog, little dog

pocket Moses
keeping dry

heading to work

a lady and her parrot on the upper west side

subway king
running a street business

can you see it? the little foot poking out of the newspaper holder?

murray's cheese. heaven. NOW, I can get some of this goodness at my local QFC.
(Murray's has partnered with Kroger stores nation-wide.)


Casey said...

You have a great eye for catching little snippits like these. I love and miss you! xo

Kate said...

These are great! Merry Christmas!

Joyce Polance said...

Love the pics!