Thursday, December 19, 2013

things i think i'm going to really like.

I know this is a book blog. But forgive me from veering. Otherwise I'd have little to write about these days. I'm in my 35th week of pregnancy and it's starting to get weird.

My little girl fetus is moving in very human ways. Rolling and pushing and from what I hear, it's equally strange when the baby comes out and you recognize the movements.

Anyway, one of my favorite pastimes lately is scoping baby goods. We have been incredibly taken care of by friends and family. We've been gifted so much - both new and hand-me-downs. Since I've been loving lists that I find online, I'm going to make one right here. It'll be called "Things I Think I'm Going to Really Like." Now, every child is different, so really, who knows. Maybe I won't like these things. But for now. . . here are

Things I Think I'm Going to Really Like
The Baby K'tan - So far I've only tried this with Mr. Frog and the cat. The latter didn't like it, but Mr. Frog seemed cozy.

I can't explain it. When I put this on, I just wanted to walk around all night with it.
7 a.m. Enfants papoose - for use when on walks - I've been informed it's not totally safe to use in the car. We also have a
7 a.m. Enfants diaper bag. I'm really liking this line. It feels quality and there's something really lovely and simple about it.  Mr. Frog liked it too.

Shopping for baby clothes at Goodwill. I've gotten a ton of things at Goodwill. I just check that the items are clean and in good shape. I've rarely even encountered anything with stains or in really bad shape. I just toss it all in the wash when I get home. Instead of $40 for one cute jumper, I get that cute jumper for $1.99.  For $40, I get like 15 things.

I got the Boppy Newborn Lounger as a gift. It is the perfect spot to store your newborn. I have had friends rave about it. Yes, it's window is probably small, but I think it'll get great use.

Wallpops map - I've hung this on the wall above the changing pad. I'm determined to make my child a genius.

Zutano booties - with a snap, so they stay on. I have them for the little one in pink, orange, and blue. I can't wait to put them on her wee feet!
Clevamama Wrap Towel - my friend Joey said this is brilliant. It wraps around your neck, making it easy to pick up the baby and also keep you dry.
gdiapers - we are going the sort-of cloth diaper route. I say "sort of" because gdiapers offer two kinds of inserts - cloth or disposable. The latter can be composted (if just wet), flushed, or thrown out. It's a lot less waste, it's soft on the baby, and frankly, they're adorable. We're going to use the disposable inserts. Hopefully it'll work for us. Our back-up diapers are from The Honest Company.

For a little later, this little hook-on chair from Inglesina is great to use out of the house or at your own table.

We were planning on getting the Bob stroller, but then we saw someone get off an airplane and in no time snapped open this delightful stroller. Unlike the Bob, this folds all the way back to be used for newborns without having to snap in the carrier (Yes, I know, you don't run with it until they can hold their head up.) I can't wait to use this Mountain Buggy Terrain jogging stroller.

I've loved all the wooden toys and more natural toy companies out there. I've liked the looks of Hape, Haba, Plan Toys, Green Sprouts, Dandelion, and Tegu.

As for baby "toiletries," I checked out to see what had less toxins. I know we can't get away from it all, but I'll do what I can. The highest scoring companies for baby stuff was Little Twig, Desert Essence Organics, and Aveeno Harvest. So we just got some of those. We got DermaH2O Wipes and coconut oil for bum protection.

There are other things I'm excited for too, but these I think might be game-changers. We'll see. I mean, the game I'm in right now is definitely going to change - with or without all these western baby necessities!


Mina said...

35 weeks already?! Love this list and I can't wait to meet baby. xo

Jackie Hirst said...

Sooooo exciting for you Jenn!! Being a mom is the best thing ever! Enjoy every second-- it goes by so fast!