Monday, May 12, 2014

eleanor & park

So, nearly everyone I know read this book. Even strangers came up to me upon seeing the book in my hand and said how much they loved it. Here's the thing. I didn't love it. Sure, it was a nice YA love story. Two outsiders in a small town sit next to each other on the school bus one day. And then . . .

Yeah, predictable. I liked it enough to read through, but I certainly wouldn't stop people on the street to tell them how much I adored the book. Rainbow Rowell, the author, does have a way with packing a lot into simplicity; to me, the mark of a very good writer. But, I wanted more. It felt a little too simple for me.

I did, however, really appreciate the 1980s setting. No texting, email, Facebook. There was a walkman. There was The Smiths. Even an Impala.