Tuesday, August 12, 2014

one more thing: stories and other stories.

I used to have a massive lit crush on Jonathan Safran Foer. Well. . . move over, there's a new Jewish-geeky-lit sheriff in town!

I was a fan of The Office. I have since become a fan of the hilarious Mindy Kaling. We'd be friends. Also, I now know I'd be friends with B.J. Novak too. He was the intern in The Office. He occasionally shows up on Mindy's show. (See that, I said "Mindy." Or I could just say "Min," since we're pals and all.) Novak is also a writer. Not some half-ass actor-writer like James Franco. A good writer. His work has been in literary journals, or "lit mags," as we wannabe writers call them.

His book of short stories, One More Thing: Stories and Other Stories is absolutely hysterical. I knew from the get-go that it would be. The opening story is a telling of what happened after the tortoise beat the hare in that race. The rematch. Uh yeah. Those kinds of stories. What happens when an artificial intelligence robot falls in love? Defect! Returned to manufacturer!

Some of the stories are nearly one-liners. Funny little anecdotes or jokes he probably came up with on the fly. Every once in a while I wasn't terribly impressed. But that was rare. When Elvis staged his own death to become an Elvis impersonator to become more centered and connected with his own Elvis-ness, I knew I'd like to be friends with Novak.

You too can harbor fantasies of funny and intelligent writer friends. Read this book. Then we can stalk him creepily together. Hi, Beej, ya listening? Call me.