Sunday, August 10, 2014

why hello there.

It's been quite a while since I've blogged. Partially it is because I'm a new mom and therefore exhausted and overwrought. But it is really in large part due to the fact that I've barely been reading. Somehow, when the baby goes to sleep, I find the need to clean or sleep. Or sleep and clean. Or stare at my husband with a "what did we get ourselves into?" look. Mostly the latter. There's very little TV being watched. There's very little getting done 'round these parts lately. Everything is very baby-centric. BUT. But, I'm coming back out of postpartum retirement with a new verve for writing, reading, and blogging.

My biggest news is that I've left my job to stay home with my daughter. I got paid too little to do too much and childcare is just too expensive. I was only back at work for about two months after my return to the office after maternity leave. I didn't get a cent for maternity leave, so it's not like I got paid for months of not working and then just left.

So here I am. A stay-at-home mom. It's not what I had planned. But I'm kind of excited. Also kind of scared. But, I know I won't regret staying home with my daughter. Oh sure, there will be days. WEEKS, that I wish I could leave her with a nanny or some wolves and go into an office to stimulate my brain. But overall, I'm feeling good about it. I am also into the fact that I'm not just staying at home with the baby. I am embarking on a freelance career! I am hoping to parlay writing and design into work. Real pay-me for my talents work. At my previous job I created all our newsletters, flyers, mailings, advertisements, brochures, etc. I've made some invitations and been consulted to help design rooms in peoples' houses occasionally. I am writing up essays on motherhood, about religion, and about Seattle (where I live.) I am re-focusing on my fiction short stories too.

So . . . I return to the Well Read Fish with a quill in my hand, a pencil behind my ear, and my fingers flying across the keyboard. I hope you haven't forgotten about me and I hope you'll join me as I take a new turn in my life and share it with you here.